The UUA offers a series of pamphlets that provide a condensed summary of common UU perspectives on various faith issues. These summaries are intended to provide a quick reference for newcomers as they begin their own exploration of what it is to be in fellowship with UU's. They can also serve as a starting point for a discussion between members within the UU community, to broaden and possibly deepen our understanding of the many ways UU's think about issues of spiritual practice and faith.

This blog has been created to support a monthly discussion group based around these pamphlets. Each month one topic will be selected to discuss. A link will be provided on this site to the contents of the pamphlet, which is made publicly available on the UUA Bookstore site, so it is not necessary to purchase anything to be able to read the information contained in the pamphlet. I have printed copies, so see me if you want one to read the old fashioned way - on paper!

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Have you read the post that deals the the UU Perspectices of a Theist?  Look back a few posts and you will find the link, or ask me for a copy of the brochure that contains it.  It is a both a statement of a personal journey of faith, and a strong statement of the value of persisting in pursuing the path of personal questing for an explaination.  The author is honest and open, and her story is compelling.

What is theism?  It migh be said that it means that there is a god, but only one, and a god that cares about each of us.  The link shares an experience where the author experieces that connection, that unique and perhaps universal presence where the one god talks to each and every one of us, if we are open to recieve the message.

Deists and theists may be two sides of the same coin.  Thomas Jefferson was famous for his deist/theist beliefs when he cut out the references in the bible of all but the references to what we might call God the Father, preferring to see god as one, not two or more.  The Jefferson Bible is still available to read, if you are interested.  It is much shorter than the version you may have kept on the shelf when you grew up.

Many UU's profess a belief in an infinite sort of power of the universe that they call god, which may be the same as this theist god.  Sometimes it comes through as a sort of Force of Nature, or perhaps an Infinite Power.  But sometimes it can be a personal, caring god that looks after each and every one of us.

Our next topic is Theism.